6 March 2024

We were given a very generous donation from a community business, Costal Precast Systems, which covered the entire cost of food and drinks to stock and start up the concession stand. We will quickly go through our inventory of popular items such as candy and chips. At this time, we are asking for your support with cash donations. This will enable us to restock necessary items in a timely manner and keep the stand running efficiently. At this time, we have only received a handful of donations from all 4 teams. This will not sustain our needs throughout the season. 

To donate either via Venmo Cash app or Cash please reach out to Kristie Holland or Coach Killenbeck. You may also pass funds to any of the coaches in an envelope labeled “concessions” with the names of Kristie Holland, Steve Kingsley, or Victoria Whitehorn. The coaches will be able to pass the donations along. Please feel free to reach out to Kristie Holland if you would like to donate in another way. 

We also need volunteers in the concession stand. On Tuesday, March 12, we need one more volunteer during the Girls Varsity game from 5-7 and 2 more volunteers during the Boys Varsity game from 6-9. Without volunteers, we will not be able to open the concession stand. We are considering serving a modified menu for the Boy’s JV game on March 14 or not opening at all since there is only one game that evening and so far, no volunteers.  

The Grizzly Soccer program greatly appreciates everyone’s support!! 

Please sign-up here .

9 March, 2023

Hello Soccer Families!! 

We are kicking off our Concession Stand Fundraiser, we are combining efforts with the girls team and all proceeds from concession sales will go back into the Grassfield Soccer Program. 

Please sign up to work at least one game in the concession stand this season.  We have 50 players and 36 volunteer spots, so if everyone does their part we will not have anyone needing to work another shift. Please remember we would like for you to select a volunteer spot either the game before or after your players game.  We do not want you to miss seeing your child play. 

*Please be flexible on times listed below- we do have some crossover time to transition between games and we all know games can last longer so end times may be later then listed. 

** May 11th is Senior Night, we ask that underclassman parents to fill these slots and allow parents of seniors to be free to participate in Senior Night Events!

*** We are looking for underclassmen parents to work with Jessica Fontaine this season to take over as point person for next year in concessions.  Please let Jessica Fontaine or Charlene Shearer know if you are interested.

**** There are 4 dates with a single listing-this is a double header with the girls team.

Thank you for your help!  If you have any questions, please call Jessica Fontaine at 757-572-1299.