2023 Season

5 June 2023
  • Region 6A All Team Selection:
    • First Team
      • Jesse Vargas
    • Second Team
      • Jacob Greene
      • Wyatt Fontaine
      • Luke Shearer
    • At Large Selections
      • Ben Mercer
      • Brady Wieck

26 May 2023

The final chapter of the season unfolded as the Grizzlies embarked on a challenging journey, traveling to face the number one ranked Kellam Knights in the quarterfinals of the Region 6A Tournament. The stage was set on a brisk afternoon, with anticipation filling the air.

Both teams showcased their skills and determination. The battle was fierce, resulting in a tightly contested match that saw the scoreboard remain locked in a stalemate as the halftime whistle blew.

However, the second half brought a shift in momentum as the Knights managed to break through the Grizzlies’ defense, scoring two decisive goals. Despite the Grizzlies’ valiant efforts, they were unable to find the back of the net, ultimately facing a 2-0 defeat that signaled their exit from the tournament.

Emotions ran high among the players after the game, as they poured their hearts and souls into every minute of the match. It was a bittersweet moment, particularly for the seniors who played their final game as Grizzlies. Their contributions to the team and the memories they created throughout their soccer journey will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

As the season draws to a close, the Grizzlies can hold their heads high, knowing that they left everything on the field. The challenges they faced, the victories they celebrated, and the lessons they learned have shaped them into not only better players but also better individuals.

While this particular journey may have reached its conclusion, the memories and bonds forged throughout the season will endure. The Grizzlies can now look toward the future, ready to build upon their achievements and continue their pursuit of excellence.

Congratulations to the Grizzlies on a season filled with growth, camaraderie, and remarkable performances. Their dedication and hard work have made their coaches and school proud.

24 May 2023

The Varsity boys traveled to Western Branch Bruins in a rematch of their previous encounter that ended in a 2-2 draw.

This time, the Grizzlies were determined not to repeat their past mistakes. They came out strong, scoring an impressive five goals while shutting down the Bruins’ offense completely. The final scoreline stood at 5-0 in favor of the Grizzlies, securing their spot in the next round against Kellam High School.

The Grizzlies scores were from Wyatt Fontaine (3), Jacob Greene (4), Juan Gutierrez (3) and Ben Mercer (5) two goals. Assists were from Miles Smith (1), Juan Gutierrez (3) and Ben Mercer (2)

17 May 2023

The Grizzlies, determined to make a statement in their final regular-season game, traveled to face the formidable third-ranked Hawks. The match exceeded all expectations, stretching into not one, but two grueling overtime periods with both teams holding strong and allowing no goals. Ending the game in a 0-0 time.

While a tie might not be the exact outcome the Grizzlies had hoped for, it undoubtedly highlighted their resilience and ability to compete against top-tier competition. Having secured three consecutive victories leading up to this intense showdown, the Grizzlies can hold their heads high as they head into the upcoming post-season.

The hard-fought draw against the third-ranked Hickory Hawks serves as a testament to the Grizzlies’ growth and improvement over the course of the season. It instills confidence in the team, as they now set their sights on the playoffs, knowing that they can compete against the very best.

12 May 2023

After an emotional senior night, the Grizzlies showed incredible resilience as they followed up with back-to-back games, securing victories in both. In their latest matchup against the Kings Fork Bulldogs, the Grizzlies traveled to their opponents’ turf and delivered an impressive performance; they found the back of the net a staggering 10 times while keeping a clean sheet at the other end.

As the regular season approaches its conclusion, the Grizzlies boys’ have their sights set on the final game of the regular season against the #3 ranked Hickory Hawks next week.

Tonight, scoring came from a hat trick by Omer Senol (3), Tyler Wynne (2), Kole Ward (2), Jack Clements (2), Edu Holland-Farres (2), Jackson Gaston (3), Ben Mercer (3), and Jacob Greene (3). Assists came from 3 each by Luke Shearer (8) and Tyler Wynne (4), rest of the assists came from Jackson Gaston (2), Myles Johnson (2), and Preston Ramsey (4)

11 May 2023

On a memorable senior night, the Grizzlies hosted the Indian River Braves and delivered an exceptional performance, honoring their senior players with a resounding 8-0 victory. The game proved to be a remarkable display of attacking prowess and a fitting tribute to the seniors on their special night.

As the season continues, the Grizzlies will look to carry this momentum forward, drawing inspiration from the successes of senior night.

Scoring for the Grizzlies were, Luke Shearer with two goals (7), Tyler Wynne (1), Juan Gutierrez (2), Wyatt Fontaine (2), Ben Mercer (2), Jesse Vargas (4) and Aidan Griffiths (4).

9 May 2023

Following a challenging defeat against the Great Bridge Wildcats, the Grizzly Boys sought to regain their winning form as they hosted the Oscar Smith Tigers. In a match that may not have been aesthetically pleasing, the Grizzlies displayed resilience and determination, managing to hold on for a hard-fought 2-1 victory. Notching the goals for the Grizzlies were Luke Shearer (5) and Aidan Griffiths (3)

4 May 2023

The Grizzly Boys, riding high on a three-game winning streak, faced a tough challenge as they traveled to take on the formidable Great Bridge Wildcats, who held the prestigious #2 ranking. In a highly competitive and back-and-forth game, the Grizzlies were unable to find the back of the net, while the Wildcats capitalized on their opportunities, securing a 2-0 victory, thus putting an end to the Grizzlies’ winning streak.

28 April 2023

The Grizzlies continued their winning streak, securing their third consecutive victory in a hard-fought match against the Nansemond River Warriors. The team’s success was thanks in part to Jesse Vargas (3), who scored two goals , Luke Shearer (4), and Aidan Griffiths (1) who scored one goal. Jesse Vargas (3), Luke Shearer (5) and Wyatt Fontaine (1) with the assists.

Despite a tough opponent, they remained focused and committed, ultimately coming out on top with a 4-2 victory.

With this win, the Grizzlies have earned a much-needed rest before they face off against the number 2 ranked Great Bridge Wildcats on Thursday.

25 April 2023

The Grizzlies extended their winning streak with an outstanding shutout win against the Lakeland Cavaliers. The game was a display of exceptional teamwork and individual talent, with each player contributing to the team’s impressive tally of 8 goals.

Jesse Vargas (4), netted an impressive hat trick, and Luke Shearer (3) contributed with two goals,

But the Grizzlies’ goalscoring was not limited to just these two players. Jack Clements (10, Edu Holland-Farres (1), and Jackson Gaston (2) also got on the scoresheet. The Grizzlies relentless attacks and solid defense ensured that the Cavaliers were unable to make any headway throughout the game.

With an impressive win under their belt, the Grizzlies are now looking ahead to their next match against the Nansemond River Warriors.

21 April 2023

With an immense desire to bounce back after a recent frustrating draw the Grizzlies traveled to Deep Creek Hornets in search of a needed win.  On goals by Kole Ward (1), Ben Mercer (1) and Jackson Gaston (1) the Grizzlies, after too many missed opportunities, grabbed a 3-1 win over the Hornets.   With their first win of the season secured, the Grizzlies now set their sights on their next challenge, an away game against the Lakeland Cavaliers.

18 April 2023

It was another heart-wrenching finish for the Grizzlies soccer team, who outplayed the Western Branch Bruins but couldn’t convert their many opportunities into a win. Despite jumping up 2-0 in the first half with a goal by Wyatt Fontaine (assisted by Ben Mercer) and a goal by Aidan Griffiths (assisted by Jesse Vargas), the team was unable to hold onto their lead.

The Grizzlies continued to press on the attack, creating chances and moving the ball. However, despite their best efforts, the breaks just didn’t happen for them. The Western Branch Bruins were able to find the back of the net twice, sending the game into overtime with a final score of 2-2.

4 April 2023

The Grizzlies faced the Packers for the first time at Smithfield High, but despite holding strong in the first half, they found themselves tied 1-1 at halftime, thanks to a well-placed goal by Jacob Greene (2). However, the Packers came into the second half with renewed confidence and energy, while the Grizzlies appeared to be playing defensively, almost as if they were more concerned with not losing than winning.

As a result, the lack of confidence and team focus among the Grizzlies became evident, and the Packers were able to capitalize on this and secure a 3-1 victory.

Looking ahead, the Grizzlies will have to regroup and prepare for the District games after the Spring Break. To move forward, they will need to play with more passion and confidence, bringing a positive energy to the field, and enjoying the game as a team. This will not only help them to win games but also create a sense of camaraderie and teamwork, which are key factors in their success.

30 March 2023

After a disappointing loss at First Colonial, the Grizzlies returned home to face the Ocean Lakes Dolphins. The game was a rollercoaster of ups and downs, as the players showed individual strength but struggled to play cohesively as a team. This lack of unity led to missed opportunities, and despite their best efforts, the game ended in a frustrating 0-0 tie.

Next up for the Grizzlies is a road game against the Smithfield Packers, and it’s a chance for the team to regroup and focus on playing together as a cohesive unit.

28 March 2023

Grassfield boys dropped a heartbreaker to First Colonial. In their strongest performance of the season with Jacob Greene (1) scoring off a set piece the Grizzlies headed into halftime down by 1. In the second half, the Grizzlies found their rhythm and pressed hard, and it paid off with Luke Shearer drawing a PK with Juan Gutierrez (1) stepping up to convert. The Grizzlies battled to the end, but still dropped to First Colonial by a 3-2 score line.

16 March 2023

The Grizzlies put on a solid performance holding off the Landstown Eagles until a penalty kick broke their solid defense. Despite the setback, the Grizzlies have some positives to take away from the game. As they return to the training pitch to prepare for their next opponent, Kellam, the team can build upon their performance and work to improve their game even further.

14 March 2023

The Grizzlies drop their first game of the season 6-2 against Cox High School; the two goals for the Grizzlies came from Jesse Vargas (1) and Luke Shearer (1).

This is not how the Grizzlies envisioned the start of the season to go, and though this loss was a setback, the Grizzlies are confident that they can bounce back and compete at the highest level.

Next up for the Grizzlies is another away game at Landstown Eagles on Thursday the 16th of March.

10 March 2023

Grassfield 2 Princess Anne 1. An exiting well played match. Grassfield opened the score line with a goal from Preston Ramsey (1) and an assist from Juan Gutierrez. Just before halftime, Princess Anne struck with less than 36 seconds left in the half to tie the game at 1-1. As the second half progressed, the Grizzlies found their rhythm and it paid off when Myles Johnson (1) with an assist from Jaxson Mills scored to make it 2-1. Princess Anne was dangerous till the end, but the Grizzlies held on. well done. Scrimmage games all done for the Grizzlies; their season starts Tuesday the 14th of March when they travel to Cox High School.

1 March 2023

Grassfield hosted Cox for the first soccer action of 2023. After 80 minutes of play a 0-0 draw was the final. A wonderful result for the players, with many positives against a team who last year won the Class 5 State Championship. We look forward to our season match up on March 14th, should make for an exciting season opener.

  • 2022 Season

    • 6 June 2022
      • 6A All-Region Team
        • 1st Team: Ryan Taing
        • 2nd Team:  Aidan Roberts, Jack Kaupas, Wyatt Fontaine
    • 26 May 2022
      • Tough game tougher loss, after falling behind 2-0 the Grizzlies fought back and on goals by Jack Kaupas (14) and Aidan Roberts (4) the Grizzlies took the Kellam Knights into overtime.  The Grizzlies fought to the final whistle, but unfortunately the final whistle came on “Golden Goal” by the Knights to end the Grizzlies’ season with a 2-3 loss.  These Grizzlies can be proud of having a great season, and to the 14 seniors, thank you for your dedication and good luck in your next chapter in life.
    • 17 May 2022
      • On Senior Night, the Grizzlies played one of their better games of the season.   The scoreboard didn’t show it, but this game gave the Grizzlies a peak of what they could do in the post season if they start capitalizing on some of the missed opportunities.  On a clean sheet by Chrys Sexton, the Grizzlies end the regular season with a 0-0 tie against a very good Hickory team.  Up next, post season starting May 26.
    • 12 May 2022
      • On a dreary rainy day, the Grizzlies traveled to the Braves of Indian River.   With the theme of continuing to not capitalize on opportunities, the Grizzlies travel back home with a 4-0 shutout on goals by Jesse Vargas (2), Jack Kaupas (13), Ryan Taing (10) and Ethan Delos Reyes (2).  Next up for the Grizzlies, Senior night vs Hickory Hawks.  
    • 10 May 2022
      • The Grizzlies hit the road against the red-hot Oscar Smith Tigers.  After early missed opportunities by the Tigers, the Grizzlies got first on the board for a 1-0 lead, a lead that did not hold as the Tigers went into halftime with a 2-1 lead.  As the game progressed, the Grizzlies started to dominate but just could not find the back of the net and had to settle for their first draw of the season as the tied the Tigers 3-3 tie on two goals by Ryan Taing (9) and one by Jack Kaupas (12).  Next up for the Grizzlies, another road trip at Indian River.
    • 5 May 2022
      • The Cedar Road Classic continued this evening with another exiting game between #11 Grassfield and #3 Great Bridge, two teams that put it all on the pitch this evening.  After going ahead in the first half on a goal by Ryan Taing (7) the Great Bridge Wildcats tied up just 7 minutes into the 2nd half.  The defense for both teams played tough but on the 57th minute, on a bullet from Jack Kaupas (11), the Grizzlies took a 2-1 lead, a lead maintained by the defense that held strong against a strong assault by the Wildcats.   Next up for the Grizzlies a road trip at Oscar Smith.
    • 3 May 2022
      • After a shaky half, where the Grizzlies had opportunities but couldn’t quite finish, the Grizzlies settled down in the second half where they added four more goals and shutdown the Bulldogs of Kings Fork.  On two goals by Heinrich Von Schlichting (6) and Juan Gutierrez (5) and goals from Jack Kaupas (10), Sterling Smith (2), Ethan Delos Reyes (1) the Grizzlies continue their winning streak by beating the Kings Fork Bulldogs 7-1.  Next up for the Grizzlies the high ranked Great Bridge Wildcats, where the Grizzlies need to ensure that opportunities are not wasted.
    • 28 April 2022
      • The Grizzlies remain on the W side of District play with back-to-back wins on back-to-back days.   Ryan Taing (5) scores two and Jack Kaupas (8) scores one as the Grizzlies beat the Nansemond River Warriors 3-2.
    • 27 April 2022
      • The Grizzlies continue their undefeated District streak by hosting the Lakeland Cavaliers.  On a perfect spring evening, that was followed by a parent hosted tailgate, the Grizzlies on a hat trick by Jack Kaupas (7), two goals by Ryan Taing (3) and goals by Juan Gutierrez (3), Heinrich Von Schlichting (3), Jacob Simmons (3), Sterling Smith (2) and Jesse Vargas (1) put 10 between the posts as Grassfield defeats Lakeland 10 to 1.
    • 21 April 2022
      • This game had a lot of know pieces, coaches coached players from both teams, and players played on each other’s teams.  But when it was all said and done, the Grizzlies walked off the pitch with a 5-1 win against an up and coming Hornets team.
    • 19 April 2022
      • Grizzlies come off the spring break with a strong win against a tough Western Branch team.  On goals by Heinrich Von Schlichting (2), Ryan Taing (1), Aidan Roberts (2) and Jack Kaupas (4) the Grizzlies shutout Western Branch 4-0
    • 29 March 2022
      • Hats off to the First Colonial Patriots, a very good team putting 3 in the net against a Grizzlies team that had a rough night.   
    • 29 March 2022
    • 25 March 2022
      • The Grizzlies on the road again, this time against the 11th ranked Ocean Lakes Dolphins.  After tough half and a few missed opportunities, on a goal by Wyatt Fontaine (2), the Grizzlies took a 1-0 lead.  Unfortunately, that did not hold for long as Dolphins put one of their own between the posts to send the game in overtime.   In the first minute of the overtime, on a beautiful cross down the middle, Heinrich Von Schlichting (1) scored to put the Grizzlies up 2-1 and win the game.  Next up for the Grizzlies is a home game against another tough Beach team the First Colonial Patriots.
    • 22 March 2022
      • Another game another road game for the Grizzlies against another tough Virginia Beach team, this time the number 1 ranked Falcons of Cox High School.   The Falcons took a 1-0 lead late into the first half, but on a 20 yard bullet by Wyatt Fontaine the Grizzlies tied it up at 1-1.  Second half continued with high intensity and on  goals by Sterling Smith (1) and Juan Gutierrez (2) the 14th rank Grizzlies go home with a 3-1 victory over the number 1 ranked Cox Falcons .  Next game, another road trip to a Virginia Beach team; the Dolphins of Ocean Lakes.
    • 18 March 2022
      • Another good performance by the Grizzlies against a tough Kellam team.   After missed opportunities by both teams and with just seconds remaining in the game, the Kellam Knights put one in the net to win 1-0.
    • 10 March 2022
      • Good performance for Men’s Varsity in their second scrimmage against Landstown at home on a soggy field and cold conditions.  Grassfield opened the scoring with a strike from distance from Aidan Robers (1) that beat the keeper low to the right corner.  Then later in the half Jack Kaupas(3)  found the net to make it 2-0.  Landstown was able to pull one back via PK and at half the scoreline was 2-1.  Second half saw our side moving the ball and keeping possession well and putting the opponent under pressure.  Juan Guteirrez (1) opened open with a goal, then Jacob Simmons (2) tallied 2, and finally Hayden Molmer (1) closed out the evening, ending the scrimmage with a 6-1 victory.  Back to the training pitch as we get ready to face Kellam March 18. 
    • 3 March 2022
      • First scrimmage of the season on a cold evening showed some nice promise of what the season could be.  Grizzlies took 2 goals by Jack Kaupas (2) and a clean sheet by Chriystiaan Sexton into halftime.   4 second half goals by Cox gave the Grizzlies a 4-2 loss.  

    2021 Season

    • 20 July 2021
    • 18 June 2021
      • Grizzlies 1 – Cosby 2.  The Grizzlies and Cosby go to triple OT.  A great game by two great teams.  Heinrich Von Schlinchting (2) scores to put the game in overtime, but after 3 overtimes the Grizzlies season comes to an end.  Though loss for the Grizzlies but what a run to the finals and what a great season.  11-2 record, allowed 13 goals but scored 38.  Well done Grizzlies, well done.
    • 16 June 2021
      • Grizzlies 3 – Kellam 1.  The Grizzlies go the the Region 6A Semi Finals with a strong win against a strong Kellam team.  On 2 goals by Jack Kaupas (9) and one by Wyatt Fontaine (2) the Grizzlies continue their miracle season.
    • 13 June 2021
      • Grizzlies 2 – Landstown 1.  After numerous delays and changes due to the weather, the Grizzlies finally get on the pitch and on goals by Wyatt Fontaine (1) and Jack Kaupas (7) the Grizzlies move to next round.
    • 7 June 2021
      • Grizzlies 2 – Indian River 0.  The Grizzlies end regular season with a clean sheet on goals by Heinrich Von Schlinchting (1) and Ethan Smoak (3).   For a team that started ranked 15th and was not supposed to do much, the Grizzlies surprised many.  Can they continue surprising into the post season?
    • 1 June 2021
      • Grizzlies 5 – Oscar Smith 2.  The Grizzlies bounce back on the winning train with a road trip at Oscar Smith on goals by Landon Nye (2), Aidan Roberts (3), a hat trick by Ryan Taing (7) and three assists by Heinrich Von Schlinchting.  Consistency  however, still not there for the Grizzlies, the backline  needs to step up and eliminate the basic mistakes if they have any hope of making it deep into the playoffs.
    • 27 May 2021
      • Grizzlies 0 – Great Bridge 1.  There are games where a loss is just a loss, however this 1st loss of the 2021 season was a loss that will define the 2021 Grizzlies…..a team that started the season ranked 15th showed heart and no quit by taking the 10th ranked Great Bridge team to double overtime while playing one man down for majority of the game.   
    • 25 May 2021
      • Grizzlies 2 – Hickory 0.  Clean sheet and the streak continues on goals by Ryan Taing (6) and Juan Gutierrez (2).
    • 18 May 2021
      • Grizzlies 4 – Deep Creek 2.   Grizzles keep their winning streak going with a 4-2 against the Deep Creek Hornets.   In 8 prior games the Grizzlies allowed only one Deep Creek goal.  Tonight they allowed 2 goals……….the Grizzlies need to get better on their back field play if they wish to continue winning and continue winning deep into the season.  Goals tonight were by Jack Kaupas (6),  Ryan Taing (3) and Ethan Smoak (2), 
    • 13 May 2021
      • Grizzlies 4 – Western Branch 1.  On goals from Aidan Roberts (2), Jack Kaupas (5) and Ethan Smoak (1), the Grizzlies come up strong with 3 goals in the 2nd half to notch their 5 win of the season.   With the 7th ranked Hickory and rematch with 12th ranked Great Bridge just around the corner, the Grizzlies must get better at their on field communication if they wish to continue their winning streak.  
    • 12 May 2021
    • 11 May 2021
      • Grasfield 7 – Lakeland 0.  On a clean sheet, the Grizzlies make it 4 in a row.  Grassfield put 7 in the net on goals from Landon Nye (1), Matthew Heare (1), Jacob Storch (1), Eduard Holland-Farres (2), Nicholas Barnes (1), Aidan Roberts (2), Ryan Taing (1).
    • 6 May 2021
      • Grassfield 4 – Kings Fork 1.  With goals from Jack Kaupas (3), Eduard Holland-Farres (1), Evan Roberts (1) and Jacob Simmons (1) the Grizzlies make it 3 wins in a row for the season and 9 straight wins over Kings Fork.
    • 4 May 2021
      • Grassfield 1 – Nansemond River 0.  The Grizzlies open their 2021 home season with a nail biter against the 12th ranked Nansemond River Warriors.  With inclement weather on the horizon, the Grizzlies get a 1st half goal from Luke Shearer (1) and hold on for a 1-0 win on a game that was called early due to weather.
    • 28 April 2021
    • 27 April 2021
      • Grassfield 3 – Great Bridge 2.  15th ranked Grizzly start a much awaited 2021 season with a thriller at 7th ranked Great Bridge.  With 1 goal from Juan Gutierrez  (1) and 2 goals by Jack Kaupas (2) the Grizzlies start the 2021 season with a well earned W.  Shots on Goal (SOG) – 3, Corners – 3, Saves – 6
    • 27 April 2021

    2019 Season

    • 05 June 2019
      • 6A All Region Team 
        • 1st Team – Kaiden Fields, Chris Cullop
        • 2nd Team – Dillon Fontaine, Jason Bird
    • 23 May 2019
      • #5 Grassfield 2-4 #4 Kellam 2019 season comes to an end in the first round of Regionals in a crazy game at Kellam. The Grizzlies had numerous chances but just couldn’t get the ball into the net.  Thanks to all the seniors for a sensational season that was riding a 7 game winning streak having not given up a goal in all seven games. 
    • 23 May 2019
      • All Southeast All District Team
        • Player of the Year – Kaiden Fields
        • 1st Team – Kaiden Fields, Chris Cullop, Jacob Campbell, Nick Donahoe
        • 2nd Team – Jason Bird, Cole Rosebrough
    • 16 May 2019
      • #8 Grassfield 8-0 Oscar Smith. The seniors put on a show for Senior Night. This Grizzly team closed out the regular season on a 7 games streak of scoreless minutes. They combined for 36 goals and gave up zero. Goals by Kaiden Fields (16,17), Jason Bird (8,9), Jaleb  Cavazos, Dillon Fontaine (2), Jacob Campbell (3) and Jordan Vande Hei (2). SOG: 15 Shots: 23, Corners: 6. 
    • 15 May 2019
      • #8 Grassfield 3-0 Western Branch. Grizzlies traveled to the other side of Chesapeake to post their sixth clean sheet in a row. Jason Bird (6,7) was the 757 Man of the Match as he recorded the brace and Casey Nelson (2) had a pretty goal from way behind the penalty area. This team is on a roll and peaking at the perfect time. SOG: 8 Shots: 16 Corners: 3.
    • 09 May 2019
      • #8 Grassfield 8-0 Kings Fork. The Grizzly goal keepers and defense have combined for 5 straight clean sheets. This team is hitting its stride just in time. Goals by Kaiden Fields (15), Nick Donahoe (12), Evan Cone (1), Jason Bird (5), Garrett Page (1), David Parsons (1) and an own goal.
    • 07 May 2019
      • #8 Grassfield 4-0 #15 Indian River  The scoring started early and came often as this Grizzly team is on a roll. The pressure was constant and did not allow a hot IR team to get anything going. We are hitting our stride at the right moment going into the final couple weeks of the season. Goals by Kaiden Fields (13,14), Chris Cullop (4) and Nick Donahoe (10). SOG: 9, Shots: 12 and Corners: 4.
    • 02 May 2019
      • #10 Grassfield 8-0 #19 Deep Creek. This team is starting to click and gain momentum. Total domination of a team that had high aspirations to steal a win on our home turf. Goals by Kaiden Fields (12), Daniel Vaysman (4), Caden Lorsong, Jordan Vander Hei, Evan Gibson (3), Chris Cullop (3), Jacob Campbell (2) and an own goal.  SOG: 25, Shots: 30, Corners: 4.
    • 30 April 2019
      • #10 Grassfield 5-0 #12 Hickory Grizzlies traveled to Hickory where they controlled the entire game and had a lot of bounces that went their way. Goals by Kaiden Fields (11), Nick Donahoe (8,9), Daniel Vaysman (3), Jacob Campbell. Great win against a huge rivalry team that’s was playing very well. SOG: 14, Shots:19, Corners: 4.
    • 25 April 2019
      • #9 Grassfield 8-0 Lakeland. Goals by Kaiden Field (9,10), Daniel Vaysman (2), Nick Donahoe (7), Dillon Fontaine, Landon Nye, Casey Nelson, and Cole Rosebrough.
    • 23 April 2019
      • #9 Grassfield 1-1 #5 Nansemond River in a game where the Grizzlies were underdogs on their home turf the team fought all night to get the point. Grizzlies scored first when Fields passed to a sprinting Nick Donahoe (6) to score the tap in empty net goal. Nansemond River hung in there and scored in the second half to tie and hand us one point. SOG:5, Shots: 7, Corners:4.
    • 19 April 2019
    • 12 April 2019
      • This Grizzly team loves the late game theatrics beating a determined Ocean Lakes team 2-1. They waited until the 76th minute to score the game tying goal as Jason Bird (Sr. 4) turns on a loose ball in the box and gets it by the diving Ocean Lakes GK. In the added extra time Chris Cullop had a long throw-in into the box. The OL GK bobbled the ball and it fell to the foot of Josh Fontaine who quickly crossed it in front of the goal where Kaiden Fields (Sr. 8) was waiting to bury it and win the game minutes before the final whistle was to blow. This was a huge comeback after dominating most of the game and having no results. Great way to head into Spring Break where this team can get some rest and heal some injuries before starting the grueling District schedule that runs through the end of the school year.  SOG: 16, Shots: 24, Corners: 10.
    • 9 April 2019
      • The sun finally came out and it sure was shining bright on the Grizzlies, as they won the Cedar Road Derby 3-0 against a spirited Great Bridge team.  Kaiden Fields (Sr. 7) got the scoring started with a nifty move in the box in which he flipped it up to his head when he headed it by the goal keeper early in the first half. He quickly scored again in the second half to kill
        any momentum the Wildcats thought they might be able to muster. In the 53rd minute Nick Donahoe crossed a beautiful corner kick to the head of Chris Cullop (Sr. 2) and he smashed it into the back of the net. The boys looked sharp and just in time to start District play which will continue after Spring Break.  SOG: 10, Shots: 17, Corners: 4, Offside: 2.
    • 8 April 2019
      • The Grizzlies had a tough loss against an undefeated Landstown team 1-0. The game was called due to lightning 2 minutes into the second half. The  Grizzlies looked a little rusty after dealing with a long weather layoff, but will look to rebound tomorrow when the boys travel to Great Bridge to start the 2019 District play schedule. SOG-2
    • 28 March 2019
      • The Grizzlies escaped Woodside who had upset on their minds by beating them 8-4.  Kaiden Fields (5) recorded his third career hat trick and has taken over sole position as the Grizzlies second all-time leading scorer with 30 goals.  Other goals scored by the Grizzlies were tallied by Jason Bird (3),
        Daniel Vaysman (1), Nick Donahoe (5) and Evan Gibson (2) had a brace. Chris Cullop was instrumental in securing the win by producing 4 assists while Jason Bird contributed with 2 assists. Grassfield will look shore up the defense before Landstown comes to Chesapeake for a big match-up next Tuesday.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 26 March 2019
      • The last time we met First Colonial on the pitch it ended our state title aspirations in the final minutes of the game. Last night during a cold and blustery night it felt a lot like 2018. Grizzlies got on the board in the first few minutes after Nick Donahoe (3) was taken down inside the penalty area and converted his PK. First Colonial scored twice during the half to go into halftime with a 2-1 lead. The second half was entertaining and back and forth until the 76th minute when Jason Bird played a perfect ball to a charging Nick Donahoe (4) that buried the ball inside the far post to tie the game at 2-2.  Not more than a minute later First Colonial drives down the
        field and gets a corner kick where a First Colonial player blasted a header into the net securing another First Colonial last minute victory over the  Grizzlies 2-3. (Pilotonline Report)
    • 21 March 2019
      • On a cold blustery night in which the weather moved the game to Kellam giving up home field advantage saw the Grizzlies lose a nail biter 2-3 to Kellam.  Down 2-0 at halftime, Jason Bird (2) was taken down inside the box and converted his PK to get some momentum going.  After another Kellam goal to make it 3-2 Grizzlies played the wind and took control. Danny Vaysman’s corner went to the far post where Josh Fontaine (1) blasted a header past the keeper. The boys threw everything they had at them to the end, but could not muster up a goal to tie.  Shots: 10,  SOG: 8,  Corners: 2,  Offside: 1,  YC:1,  GK saves: 4. (Pilotonline report)
    • 19 March 2019
      • Grizzlies get a win and 3 points after a 4-1 win against visiting Tallwood.  After two Kaiden Fields (2) first half goals the team cruised the rest of the game getting a lot of opportunities and bench playing time. All important going into a long rough season. Second half saw Nick Donahoe (1) get his first goal of the season and Chris Cullop (1) adding the final tally.  Boys are back in action on Thursday against power house Kellam. Shots: 19, SOG: 15, Corners: 7, Offside:6, GK Saves: 4.
        • Kaiden Fields moved into solo second place on Grassfield’s All-Time scoring list with 27 goals.
    • 12 March 2019
      • Grizzlies start their new season with a 3-1 loss against Cox High School on a lone goal by Jason Bird (Sr.) (1). After a scoreless first half with not many opportunities by the Grizzlies, Jason Bird received a long ball on the 2nd half kickoff and made a nifty move by the GK to take an early lead 1-0. The Falcons stormed back with 3 second half goals to dash any hopes a repeat undefeated season. It’s a long season and the boys will mesh as the season goes on. Shots: 11 SOG: 5 Corners:3 Offside:1 GK Saves:8.  (Pilotonline report.)
        • Kaiden Fields (Sr.) only needs one goal to become Grassfield’s second All-Time leading scorer behind Jared Benedict (’16). The team will host Tallwood next week in another Beach District matchup).
      • Grizzlies start the 2019 season ranked Number 4. 

    2018 Season

    • 21 June 2018 
    • 15 June 2018
      • 2018 Class 6 All State First Team Selection
        • Kaiden Fields
    • 11 June 2018
      • 2018 Class 6 All Region A First Team Selection
        • Adam Nogle
        • Kayden Fields
        • Tyler Killenbeck
      • 2018 Class 6 All Region A Second Team Selection
        • Chase Cullop
        • Chris Cullop
        • Jacob Campbell
    • 29 May 2018
      • #1 Grassfield 2-3 #4 First Colonial. Six minutes. The season entire season unfolded in six minutes. Grizzlies lead the entire game 2-0 until the final six minutes when First Colonial scored a goal and then within a minute they scored another one to tie it up and send it into overtime. They eventually scored again in first period of golden goal to end a spectacular season and
        the streak of being undefeated.  The boys can be proud of having such a great season and fought to the final whistle. The loss ended the careers of a lot of seniors that have contributed a lot to the program. Thank you seniors for your dedication and good luck in your next chapter in life. Goals by Kaiden Fields (12) Chase Cullop (6). Shots: 14, SOG: 10, Corners:
        2. Attendance: 500.
        Sebastian Acosta
        Brad Backus
        Chase Cullop
        Jonathan Hoyte
        Clayton Johnson
        Tyler Killenbeck
        Tyler Liebig
        Mason Moore
        Tony Natoli
        Adam Nogle
        Trent Wood
    • 25 May 2018
      • Did you miss the game or the goals from Grassfield vs Western Branch 2018 Region 6A Quarter Finals or you want to see them again?  Well, we have you covered.  Click here to watch
    • 24 May 2018
      • #1 Grassfield 3-2 #8 Western Branch. It took two overtime periods to do it, but the Grizzlies pulled out a win in the Regional Quarterfinal game with a spectacular bicycle kick goal by Chase Cullop at the end of the second overtime period. The Grizzlies had to fight back early after Western Branch
        scored first halfway through the first period.  The Boys took a 2-1 lead at the half, but that didn’t last long when a Western Branch defender got in behind the defense and tied the game. Each team had opportunities throughout the rest of the second half, but unable to convert any goals. The win earned
        them a spot in the semi-finals where they will take on First Colonial in a rematch from earlier in the season where we beat them at home 3-1. Goals: Kaiden Fields (11), Chris Cullop (2) and Chase Cullop (5). Shots: 18, SOG: 10, Corners: 7. Attendance: 300.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 23 May 2018
      • 2018 Southeastern All-District Awards:
        • All-District First Team:
          • Adam NogleBrad BackusTyler KillenbeckTrent WoodKaiden FieldsJacob Campbell
    • 17 May 2018
      • #1 Grassfield 5-2 Oscar Smith. The final game of the regular season was closer than most thought thanks to Mother Nature and slippery field conditions. The first half ended 1-1, but it didn’t take this talented group of boys to start scoring and put this game away in the middle of the second half. The Grizzlies finish UNDEFEATED, first time since 2014. The boys now prepare for the Regional tournament where they will face Western Branch in the first round. After the game Coach Zach Kalder had this to say about this special group of boys; “I am very proud of the collective effort and attitude of this team. You are a unified group of young men – each one of you taking ownership of your specific role on the team. An undefeated regular season is a great accomplishment – congratulations! But let’s continue to strive for new heights, never being satisfied, never settling for anything but excellence. Stay focused, stay intense, make an impact every time an opportunity presents itself. Let’s see how far our team can go!“ The boys would like to thank the entire coaching staff for their dedication and guidance through a season filled with accomplishments. Thanks to Head Coach Zach Kalder, Asst Coach Seth Whitby, JV Head Coach Colin Jones and Asst. Coach Rudy Leichnam.Goals by Kaiden Fields (10) with two goals , Trent Wood (6), Chase Cullop (4), and Nick Donahoe (3). Shots:35, SOG: 13, Corners: 4, Attendance: 75. (Pilotonline report) (Team Picture)
    • 15 May 2018
      • #1 Grassfield 7-1 Western Branch. On a night that honored Seniors it can be said that the entire crowd was honored with a spectacular game. The game started with every position played by a Senior and they played well as a group until some substitutions were made late in the first half. I think the
        extra rest sparked the bench, because they came in with a fury. The first half ended 3-0, but they were just getting started. The Grizzlies have one more regular season game where they will try to finish the season undefeated before playing Western Branch again next week for the first round game of the Regional playoffs. Goals: Adam Nogle (8) and Kaiden Fields (8) each had two goals, Jason Bird (3), Tyler Killenbeck (2) and Nick Donahoe (2). Shots:13, SOG: 11, Corners: 1, Attendance: 350. (Pilotonline report)
    • 11 May 2018
      • #1 Grassfield 2-1 Kings Fork. The boys fought back from a halftime deficit and preserved their unblemished record. They need to start generating early momentum to get ready for Regions. Goals by Jason Bird (2) Adam Nogle (6). Shots: 39, SOG: 25, Corners: 6. YC:2. (Pilotonline report)
    • 08 May 2018
      • #1 Grassfield 5-0 #15 Indian River. A strong effort avoided any let down against an upset minded Indian River team. Boys are hitting a stride and now the only Hampton Roads team remaining that is undefeated. Goals by Chase Cullop (3) Adam Nogle (5) two  goals by Trent Wood (5) and Casey Nelson. Shots: 23, SOG: 16, Corners: 6.  Attendance:75.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 03 May 2018
      • #1 Grassfield 3-0 Deep Creek.  When you don’t take a team seriously they gain confidence every minute.  Boys scored early in the second half on a quickly played free kick and then spent the rest of the night trying to break through the stacked defenders. Tow goals by Sebastian Acosta (4) and Kaiden Fields (6). Shots- 21. SOG- 15. Corners -4. (Pilotonline report)
    • 01 May 2018
      • #1 Grassfield 4-0 # 11 Hickory.   On a night where the stands were packed to see the cross town rivalry, the boys put on a clinic. They out hustled to every loose ball and used their technical prowess to bring down an upset minded highly skilled Hickory team. The score could have been much more lopsided, but the substitute players got a lot of well deserved experience playing against one of their biggest rivalries. Goals: Kaiden Fields(5) had 2 goals on the night and Adam Nogle(4) hit a free kick and Trent Wood (3) converted a PK in the second half. Shots: 13 SOG: 10 Corners: 6.  Attendance:  225. (Pilotonline report)
    • 27 April 2018
      • #1 Grassfield 9-0 Lakeland. The Lakeland team showed up more than hour late and with only 8 players so this wasn’t a serious contest from the beginning. We extended the night by obliging to play 8v8 and getting a lot of playing time for the bench. The starters got a rest before the big game next week against Hickory. Goals by Brad Backus who had two on the night to lead all scrorers (2), Mason Moore (1), Josh Fontaine (1), Jonathan Hoyte (1), Jacob Campbell (1), Tyler Killenbeck (1) and Adam Nogle (3). Shots 36, SOG 23, Corners 7. (Pilotonline report)
    • 26 April 2018
      • On a night when substitutes received a lot of playing time the #1 Grizzlies 3-0 Nansemond River. Team is doing well, but still work to do to clean up the unnecessary turnovers. Shut down an upset minded Nansemond River team with pressure and possession. Goals by Nick Donahoe, Chris Cullop and Evan Gibson.  Shots 20, SOG 8, Corners 2.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 20 April 2018
      • #1 Grassfield 3-1 vs #21 Great Bridge.   In front of a packed house the boys put on a clinic of possession and determination to avenge last years’s loss.  They kept the pressure on to pull out a win to start the district schedule.  Goals tonight by Chase Cullop (2), Kaiden Fields (3) and Chris Cullop (2).  Trent Wood added two assists for the night.  Shots(25), SOG (10), Corners(4), Offside (3), YC (1). Attendance 280.
    • 17 April 2018
      • Grizzlies continue their winning ways with a big 3-1 win over First Colonial.   In front of more than 200 fans the Grizzlies put up three in the second half and finished the Region games 4-0-2.  Heart and soul poured through tonight and the boys stepped up for their school. Goals tonight by Adam Nogle (2), Chris Cullop (1), Chase Cullop (1). Shots (15), SOG (8), Corners (4), YC (1).
    • 12 April 2018
      •  Be patient and trust the wind. The #2 Grizzlies defeated #1 Cox 2 – 1 at the Sportsplex. On an extremely windy night it was a tale of two halves.  The first half the Grizzlies were playing offense into the wind and didn’t get many opportunities. Cox played a long counter ball and went 1-0 midway through the first half, but the second half would be the Grizzlies’ opportunity to make something happen with the wind. At the 53rd minute Kaiden Fields(3) hit a laser outside the box to tie the score 1-1. Seven minutes later off of a corner kick by Adam Nogle(A) where Fields got a head on the ball and hit it to in front of the goal where the Cox player inadvertently headed it into their own goal to give the Grizzlies a 2- 1 lead. Grassfield dominated the second half by utilizing the wind and playing stingy defense. The game was the toughest game so far for this young team, but the way they responded will build their confidence as we get into the middle of the season.  (S) 5, (SOG) 4, Corners 3, Offside 1.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 29 March 2018
      • The #3 Grizzlies hosted Woodside for the first home game of the season on a warm evening.  The starters played less than 15 minutes in which time the bench got a lot of playing time and did a great job of keeping the pressure on. Adam Nogle (1)started off the scoring by hitting a bullet outside the box at the 3rd minute. At the 12th minute on a short corner kick Nogle(A) again danced through a few defenders and chipped the ball in front of the goal where Sebastian Acosta(1) drilled a header into the back of the net to make it 2-0. Tony Natoli (1) on a break away beats the keeper in a nifty pass by Trent Wood(A) at the 20th minute. Not but 5minutes  later Sebastian Acosta(2) hits a blast inside the box with a Chris Collup (A). Evan Gibson (1) was tackled inside the box and converted his penalty kick at the 28 minute to make the score 5-0. At the 56 minute Tony Natoli (2)scores the brace with a header inside the box. Woodside converted a shot inside the box that would go in for their only score.  The final grizzly score of the 69 minute Nick Donahoe (1) gets a rebound off the goalkeeper and put it in the back of the net for a final 7 to 1. (S) 24, (SOG) 11, CORNERS 6, YC 1.
    • 23 March 2018
      • The #2 Grizzlies traveled to #10 Landstown to take on an undefeated fast and athletic team. The first half ended 0-0 with the Grizzlies having a lot more chances and controlled possession. Our defense did an outstanding job of standing up their forwards to slow down their counter attacks. Bench players provided a continuous spark the entire night led by Senior Tony Natoli. The second half belonged to the Grizzlies with numerous chances to scratch the clean sheet, but the Landstown GK stepped up to the challenge and kept it from being a Grassfield blowout. After two periods of OT the final score ended 0-0, but the Grizzlies came away from this game with a ton of confidence and a heightened team esprit de corps. Big thanks to all the Grassfield students that made the drive to support their team. Shots-19, SOG- 11, Corners-5.
    • 15 March 2018
      • There are games that bring a team together throughout a season and this early season game showed that this team is willing to put in the work and fight as a team. #2 Grizzlies posted a 2-0 win over a physical Ocean Lakes team down at the beach. Jason Bird (1) intercepted an errant back pass from a OL defender and sprinted down the left side and made a quick right cut and buried the ball in the back of the net at the 5th minute. The rest of the half was controlled by Grassfield and OL picked up two yellow cards. The second half started with Kaiden Fields dancing through the defense and smashing a ball off the left post. The OL started making some runs and controlling the ball more when an OL player was tackled in the penalty area and awarded the spot. Luckily for us he missed it right of the post and killed any momentum they scraped together. The team rallied around each other and controlled the rest of the game when Jason Bird made a run and crossed to Trent Wood (3) with the tap in. The Grizzly crowd was large and vocal for the boys tonight. Grizzlies have a much needed week long break before they travel right back to the beach and take on Landstown 7:00 at Landstown 22 March 2018. (S) 17, (SOG)8, Corners 5 and 2 YC.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 13 March 2018
      • #2 Grizzlies season officially kicked off with a tough 2-2 tie in OT at #8 Kellam in a Regional match up. Kellam started the scoring with a goal at the 16th minute, but Grassfield turned right around and scored off a throw-in by Chris Cullop to Kaiden Fields (2) for the equalizer at the 17th minute. Kellam scored again in the 33rd minute, but right after half time in the 42nd minute Trent Wood is taken down inside the penalty area. Trent Wood (2) steps up to the spot and makes the PK to tie the game 2-2. Both teams had their chances the rest of the night and neither team could find the goal. After two five minute OT periods the whistle blew and Grassfield leaves the beach with a well deserved tie. There is not much down time to fix some issues since the Grizzlies are right back at it on Thursday at Ocean Lakes with another big Regional game.  Shots (S) – 10, Shots on goal (SOG) – 3, Corners – 5, Yellow Cards (YC) – 1. (Pilotonline report)
    • 08 March 2018  
      • Played three 30 minutes periods.  Started out slowly on a cold evening.  0-0 after one period.  Second period ignited a spark and stepped up the pace of play and worked the ball all over the field.  Trent Wood scores on a great shot and scores the games first goal.  Final period saw a mix of players that were able to control the ball and make a lot of great runs.  Adam Nogle scored  a PK game winner after being taken down inside the penalty area and finishes the night with a dazzling display of ball control through 4 defenders to finish his night with another goal.  The younger players showed a lot of heart and really picked the team up.  The Grizzlies will need that spark next week when they kick off a brutal stretch of games.  Grizzlies beat Tallwood on one goal by Trent Wood (1) and two goals by Adam Nogle (3).
    • 3 March 2018
      • Grizzlies start the 2018 season with a 3-2 win over Gramby on goals by Kaden Fields (1), Adam Nogle (1) and Nick (1)

    2017 Season

    • 22 June 2017
      • Congratulations to Matthew Abraham for making (Pilotonline report):
        • First Team All-Tidewater
        • First Team All-Monitor-Merrimac Conference
        • First Team All-Group 6A South Region
        • Second Team All-State
      • Congratulations to Adam Nogle for making (Pilotonline report):
        • Second Team All-Tidewater
        • First Team All-Monitor-Merrimac Conference
        • First Team All-Group 6A South Region
        • First Team All-State
      • Congratulations to Tyler Killenbeck for making:
        • Second Team All Group 6A South Region
    • 29 May 2017
      • Soccer is a cruel game and was well displayed today as the Grizzlies end their 2017 season with a tough loss to number 3 Cox on penalty kicks (4-3).  The game went toe to toe with strong play from both teams, solid defense and big saves by the keepers; sometimes 100 minutes of play time and two PK saves by your keeper (Brad Backus) is just not enough.  (Pilotonline report)
      • The Grizzlies will lose 9 seniors this year, but they can look back to a successful season where they were not expected to compete, yet still won the Conference and just missed the Region semifinals on a tough PK miss.
      • Congratulations Grizzlies on a great season, and keep your head up knowing that you gave it your all.
    • 24 May 2017
      • On another clean sheet and on 1st half goals by Matthew Abraham (8) and Kaden Fields (11), the Grizzlies collect their first hardware of the 2017 season by beating Granby 2-0 to win the 2017 Monitor-Merrimac Conference 2 title.  Champions picture. (Pilotonline report)
    • 23 May 2017
    • 22 May 2017
    • 18 May 2017
      • Beating the same team three times in a season is not an easy task, but the Grizzlies did just that as they beat Western Branch 4-0 to gain a birth in the conference finals on goals from Mathew Abraham (7),  Chris Cullop (3), Adam Nogle (14) and Kaden Fields (10).
    • 12 May 2017
      • 2017 Monitor-Merrimac Conference 2 Awards (Pilotonline report)
        • All Conference Top Vote getters at respective positions:
          • Adam Nogle – Forward
          • Matthew Abraham – Midfield
          • Tyler Killenbeck – Defender
        • All Conference 1st Team:
          • Adam Nogle, Matthew Abraham, Tyler Killenbeck, Kaiden Fields, Chase Cullop and Jack Welch
        • All Conference 2nd Team:
          • Brad Backus, Chris Cullop, Conner Sandway, and Seth Cummings
        • Player of the Year
          • Adam Nogle
    • 09 May 2017
      • On senior night after a lack luster first half, the Grizzlies turn it on early in the second half where they got a winning goal by Kaiden Fields (9) and and insurance run by Matthew Abraham (6) to beat Granby 2-0 and go into Conference play as the number 1 seeded team.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 08 May 2017
      • Grizzlies starters are starting to click and they do so just in time for the Conference and playoffs.  With just 20 minutes into the Woodside game, the starters already had the game put away with a 4-0 lead.  The Grizzlies go into the final game of Conference play outscoring the opponents 19-2 after beating Woodside 7-0 on two goals each by Matthew Abraham (5) and Adam Nogle (13) and one goal each by Kaiden Fields (8), Trent Wood (3) and Jack Welch (4).  (Pilotonline report)
    • 02 May 2017
      • Grizzlies continued where they left off and go 2-0 in Conference play by beating Oscar Smith 8-0 on two goals each by Chase Cullop (4), Kaiden Fields (7), and one goal each by Adam Nogle (11), Chris Cullop (2), Nick Donahoe (4) and Trent Wood (2).  (Pilotonline Report)
    • 28 April 2017
      • What a way to start conference play.  After 1-0 start and many missed scoring opportunities the Grizzlies give up 2 goals and go down 2-1 late into the 2nd half, where with just 2 minutes left in the game on a bullet goal from outside the 18 the Grizzlies tie and head into first overtime of the season.  In the overtime the Grizzlies put the game away with two more goals to beat Western Branch 4-2 on goals by Adam Nogle (10), Chase Cullop (2), Jack Welch (3) and Matthew Abraham (3). (Pilotonline Report)
    • 25 April 2017
      • ZERO……the number that the Grizzlies need to fix as they move into/post Conference play; after last night’s 2-0 loss to Kellam, zero is the number of goals and wins the Grizzlies have against the three Beach teams they played.   In one of their better games of the season, the Grizzlies played composed middle with good deliveries up top for the forwards to create scoring opportunities.  Although they gave up 2 goals the backs and the keepers played strong and had better communication.   The games that matter start Friday with the first Conference game, so lets hope that all the lessons learned up to now will help spring the Grizzlies to a State run. (Pilotonline Report)
    • 20 April 2017
      • Unable to create many attacking  opportunities, the Grizzlies snap their winning streak with a 3-0 loss at Cox.
    • 18 April 2017
      • After a week off for Spring break  the Grizzlies continued where they left off with a 4-0 win against Oscar Smith on goals from Trent Wood (1), Kaiden Fields (5), Nick Donahoe (3), and Patrick Smith (1).  (Pilotonline Report)
    • 05 April 2017
      • Grizzlies continue their winning streak with a 1-0 win against a strong Nansemond River team on a first half goal from Kaiden Fields (4).
    • 04 April 2017
      • Grizzlies put 7 on the board via a hat trick by Jonathan Hoyte (3), and one goal each by Nick Donahoe (2), Mason Moore (1), Kaiden Fields (3) and Adam Nogle (10) to beat Lakeland 7-0. (Pilotonline report)
    • 03 April 2017
      • On goals by Nick Donahoe (1) and Adam Nogle (9) the Grizzlies win with a clean sheet against Kings Fork 2-0.  A win is a win but the play was not to Grizzlies standard.  These Grizzlies need to play with the same fire and determination regardless of the opponent. (Pilotonline report)
    • 30 March 2017
      • One goal it’s all it took for the Grizzlies to drop their 2nd loss in a row; PK from handball call inside the 18.   As the Grizzlies struggled to maintain possession,  and with their leading scorer double teamed, the Grizzlies created little scoring opportunities.  Opportunities seemed to come more frequent towards that latter part of the game but that effort fell short on the scoreboard.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 28 March 2017
      • The Grizzlies took their unbeaten streak to Great Bridge and left with their first loss of the season.   After giving up an early goal, the Grizzlies recovered and took a 2-1 lead into halftime on goals from Adam Nogle (8) and Jack Welch (2).  However the lead did not last long into the 2nd half as the Grizzlies gave up 3 goal to lose to Great Bridge 4-2.   Can they rebound and accept that sometimes a team can control the game, time of possession and shots on goal and still lose?  Can they take this game and learn, feed and let it be their driving force?  We will see Thursday as the Grizzlies take on Landstown. (Pilotonline report)
    • 24 March 2017
      • Grizzlies continue their winning streak with a 2-0 win over Western Branch on two first half goals by Adam Nogle (7).  Grizzlies showed how good this team can be as they controlled game and the level of play did not drop as different players were coming on/off the bench. (Pilotonline report)
    • 21 March 2017
      • With a 1-1 at halftime the Grizzlies did not look like 6th ranked team in Tidewater; weak in the middle, no shape and too many touches on the ball.   The Grizzles however, picked up their game in the 2nd half and got their 3rd win in a row by beating Indian River 3-1.  But  if the Grizzlies hope to continue their winning streak, they will need to start and end strong against a 8th ranked Western Branch team on Friday.  The Grizzlies got their goals tonight from Matthew Abraham (2), Chase Cullop (1) and Adam Nogle (5). (Pilotonline report)
    • 17 March 2017
      • Grizzlies win 2 in a row with a 3-0 shutout win over Hickory.  Although the score board did not show it, the Grizzlies played harder and showed a better performance than last game.  The goals for Grassfield came from Adam Nogle (4), Chris Cullop (1) and Jack Welch (1).  (Pilotonline report)
    • 16 March 2017
      • Grizzlies’ official season starts with a clean sheet 7-0 win against Deep Creep with a hat trick from Adam Nogle (3), two goals by Jason Bird (2) and one goal each by Justin Newell (1) and Tony Natoli (1).  Good win with lots of points on the board, but the Grizzlies need to be better tomorrow and rest of the season as competition increases. (Pilotonline report)
    • 07 March 2017
      • In second scrimmage game of the new season, the Grizzlies on a PK goal by Kaiden Fields (2) ties First Colonial 1-1.   Overall a pretty even game with missed opportunities by both teams.
    • 02 March 2017
      • Grizzlies start their new season with a 4-0 scrimmage win game against Tallwood High School on goals by Kaiden Fields (1), Matthew Abraham (1), Connor Sandway (1) and Camden Warra (1).

    2016 Season

    • 23 June 2016 
      • Congratulations to Jared Benedict for making (Pilotonline report):
        • First Team All-Tidewater
        • First Team All-Monitor-Merrimac Conference
        • First Team All-Group 6A South Region
        • First Team All-State
      • Congratulations to Andrew Delgado for making (Pilotonline  report):
        • First Team All-Tidewater
        • First Team All-Monitor-Merrimac Conference
        • First Team All-Group 6A South Region
        • Second Team All-State
    • 10 June 2016
      • The Grizzlies season comes to an end in a very unlike Grizzly fashion where they were shutout and gave up 6 goals in the State semifinals agains Washington-Lee.
    • 03 June 2016
      • Wow what a game, with the fog rolling in and after giving up two goals early in the first half the Grizzlies could have folded the tent and gone home; but these Grizzlies never quit and started to take control over the game.  With the defense shutting down the FC’s offense and on goals by Jared Benedict (17) and Kyle Staub (9) the Grizzlies tied the game to go to overtime for the 3rd time in four days.   Unfortunately the soccer gremlin that rolled in with the fog was not with the Grizzlies this evening and on a header in the 3rd overtime period, First Colonial gets a shot over the keeper to take the game and Region Championships 3-2.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 01 June 2016
      • Once again the Grizzlies do it the hard way.  With another great PK save by Brad Backus in the goal and going into overtime, the Grizzlies move to the Region Finals on goals by  Seth Cummings (6),  Kyle Staub (8) and Andrew Delgado (15) to beat Freedom 3-1.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 31 May 2016
      • Nail bitter.  After regular, overtime, and sudden death, the Grizzlies go into PK shootout where  Brad Backus makes two big saves and Andrew Delgado scores twice to lead the Grizzlies to Region Finals with a win over Landstown 0-0 (5-4 on PKs).  PK goals; Brad Backus (1), Kyle Staub (7), Keegan Alvis (3), Andrew Delgado (14).
    • 24 May 2016
      • The Grizzlies go to Regions.  In a close game with missed opportunities, the Grizzlies hold off Western Branch and on a goal by Andrew Delgado (12) win 1-0 to move to Region and take the 2016 Conference Championship.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 19 May 2016
      • With 10 minutes to go in the 1st half and up 2-0 the Grizzlies lose one of their team captains in a game that showed great play and will to win by both teams.  Instead of “parking the bus” and hoping to hold on for a win, the Grizzlies pulled together and showed their grit by continuing to push,  score again and keeping a clean sheet in beating Oscar Smith 3-0 on goals by Jordan Koz (3), Jared Benedict (16) and Keegan Alvis (2).  (Pilotonline report)
    • 14 May 2016
      • All Monitor Merrimac Conference (Pilotonline report)
        • Player of the Year:  Jared Benedict
        • First Team:  Jared Benedict, Andrew Delgado, Kyle Staub, and Keegan Alvis
        • Second Team:  Kaiden Fields, Jordan Kos, Matt Abraham, and Tyler Killenbeck
    • 10 May 2016
      • Continuing the trend of coming alive in the 2nd half, the Grizzlies get two goals from Andrew Delgado (11), and one goal from Jared Benedict (15), Seth Cummings (5) and Kyle Staub (6) to beat Granby 5-1. (Pilotonline report)
    • 09 May 2016
      • Grizzlies throw another clean sheet at they get 2 goals from Seth Cummings (4), and one goal each from Jordan Kos (2), Jared Benedict (14), Patrick Smith (2), Justin Newell (1) and Matthew Abraham to beat Woodside 8-0. (Pilotonline report)
    • 04 May 2016
      • On Senior night, and after back to back losses, the Grizzlies get 2nd half goals from Kaiden Fields (5) and Christian Brennan (2) to beat Oscar Smith 2-0.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 29 April 2016
      • Individual talent helps win games, but the mind set and the will of the whole team wins championships.   Grizzlies lose 1-0 to Western Branch in a game full of missed opportunities, great keeper saves and urgency to win showing up a little too late.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 27 April 2016
      • Tough night for the Grizzlies, Ocean Lakes score 5 goals in the first half to hand the Grizzlies a decisive defeat.  Grizzlies go down 5-1, only Grizzlies goal was scored by Christian Brennan (1).  (Pilotonline report)
    • 19 April 2016
      • Grizzlies get back on the winning track by beating Oscar Smith 5-1 on a hat trick from Andrew Delgado (9), and one goal each from Jared Benedict (13), and Kyle Staub (5).  (Pilotonline report)
    • 15 April 2016
      • Maybe it was back to back games or maybe just history having its turn, but for the first time the Grizzlies lose to Nansemond River 2-1.  Lonely score for the Grizzlies came from Andrew Delgado (6).   (Pilotonline report)
    • 14 April 2016
      • Make it 6 in a row as the Grizzlies beat Cox 5-1 on goals two goals by Jared Benedict (12), and one goal each by Kyle Staub (4), Andrew Delgado (5) and Jordan Kos (1). (Pilotonline report)
    • 11 April 2016
      • Winning streak at 5 and another clean sheet.  The Grizzlies gets goals from Andy Nelson (2), Kaiden Fields (4), Camden Warra (1), Patrick Smith (1),  Chase Cullop (3), Jared Benedict (10),  Jordan Pennington (1) to beat Lakeland 8-0. (Pilotonline report)
    • 08 April 2016
      • The winning streak is at 4 as the Grizzlies keep a clean sheet and beat Kings Fork 2-0 on two goals by Jared Benedict (9).  (Pilotonline report)
    • 06 April 2016
      • On three amazing goals, two by Andrew Delgado (4) and one by Chase Cullop (2), the Grizzles beat Great Bridge 3-1 to bring their winning streak to 3 in a row. (Pilotonline report)
    • 29 March 2016
      • The Virginian-Pilot “High Fives” soccer player of the week is our very own Jared Benedict .  (Pilotonline report)
      • Grizzlies’ Chase Quinn out with injury (Pilotonline report)
    • 24 March 2016
      • The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde game, after a first half of play that looked nothing like Grizzly soccer, the Grizzlies came out in the 2nd half and played more to their capabilities and expectations.  On 2 goals by Jared Benedict (7) and one goal each by Andrew Delgado (2) and Kyle Staub (3) the Grizzlies beat Western Branch 4-0.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 22 March 2016
      • Grassfield throws a clean sheet and regroups, after their last weeks loss, with a 4-0 win against Indian River on 2 goals by Kaiden Fields (3), and one goal each by Jared Benedict (5) and Kyle Staub (2).  (Pilotonline report)
    • 18 March 2016
      • Sometimes a loss is just a loss, and sometimes a loss is a devastating loss.  The Grizzlies did lose at home to #4 ranked Hickory 1-0, but the devastating loss was not on the scoreboard; it was on the pitch, where defensive captain Chase Quinn had to lifted off the field with a season ending injury. (Pilotonline report)
    • 17 March 2016
      • Grizzlies start the new season with a complete shutout of Deep Creek.  On  two goals by Jared Benedict (4) and one goal each by Andrew Delgado (1), Chase Quinn (3), Chris Cullop (2),  Andy Nelson  (1) and Keegan Alvis (1) the Grizzlies put 7 goals on the board.
    • 07 March 2016
      • Grizzlies hit the road to take on Landstown and walk away with a 1-1 tie on a goal by Kyle Staub (1).
    • 03 March 2016
      • On a cold March evening the Grizzlies came out of the gate with a very impressive offensive attack.  Along with many missed opportunities, the Grizzlies defeated Bayside 7-0 on a two goals each by  Jared Benedict (2) and Chase Quinn (2) and one goal each by Kaiden Fields (1), Chase Cullop (1) and Chris Cullop (1).

    2014-2015 Season

    • 10 June 2015
      • All 6A South Region Team 
        • First Team: Jared Benedict and Brandon Jones
        • Second Team:  Chris Voltz  and Andrew Delgado
    • 28 May 2015
      • Took almost the entire game to do it but the Grizzlies, on goals by Jared Benedict (11) and Keegan Alvis (3), win the Monitor Merrimac Conference Tournament by beating Western Branch 2-0. (Pilotonline Report)
    • 23 May 2015
      • All Monitor Merrimac Conference (Pilotonline Report)
        • First Team: Jared Benedict, Brandon Jones, Andrew Delgado, Chase Quinn, Chris Voltz  and Nick Evans.
        • Second Team: Kyle Staub and Keegan Alvis
    • 22 May 2015
      • The Grizzlies defense holds strong as they play the 2nd half down 1 player to beat Oscar Smith 2-1 on goals from Jared Benedict (10) and Chris Voltz (1) to earn a spot in the finals.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 12 May 2015
      • Grizzlies go big with a 7-0 Conference win over Kecoughtan on goals by Brandon Jones (6), Andrew Delgado (5), Chase Quinn (4), Jordan Pennington (1) and Nick Evans (1).  (Pilotonline report)
    • 08 May 2015
      • The Grizzlies bounce back from their conference game loss with a with 3-1 win over Kellam on goals by Jared Benedict (9), Keegan Alvis (2), and Brandon Jones (4). (Pilotonline report)
    • 05 May 2015
      • Tough loss for the Grizzlies in a Conference match.  Grizzlies lose 3-2 to Woodside in OT.  Grizzlies goals scored by Jared Benedict (8) and Brandon Jones (4).
    • 28 April 2015
      • In what looks like a repeat of the 24 April game, the Grizzlies  put 2 goals on the scoreboard from Chase Quinn (3) and Jared Benedict (7) to beat Bethel 2-0.
    • 24 April 2015,
      • Grizzlies put 2 goals on the scoreboard from Chase Quinn (2) and Jared Benedict (6) to beat Ocean Lakes 2-0 in a non-district game.
    • 22 April 2015,
      • After having to go into double overtime in 2 out of the last three games, the grizzlies go on a scoring binge by beating Lakeland 8-0 on goals by Brandon Jones (3), Jared Benedict (5), Nick Berning (3), Kyle Staub (3), Chase Cullop (1), Keegan Alvis (1), Seth Cummings (2), and Chase Quinn (1). (Pilotonline report)
    • 21 April 2015
      • Grizzlies go to second double overtime in last 3 games to beat Great Bridge 1-0 on a goal from Andrew Delgado (3) with just 1 minutes left in the game. (Pilotonline report)
    • 18 April 2015
      • The Grizzlies win their 4th game in a row by beating Indian River 2-0 on goals from Nick Berning (2) and Jans Valdespou (2)
    • 16 April 2015
      • The Grizzlies go into double overtime to beat First Colonia 1-0 on a goal from Andrew Delgado (2).
    • 03 April 2015
      • The Grizzlies get their 1st win of the conference by beating Oscar Smith 2-0 on goals by Brandon Jones (2) and Kyle Staub (2). (Pilotonline report)
    • 01 April 2015
      • On goals from Nick Berning (1) and Jared Benedict (4) Grizzlies get a win over Deep Creek 2-1.  (Pilotonline report)
    • 31 March 2015
      • In first Conference game of the season, the Grizzlies on a goal from Jared Benedict (3) tie Western Branch 1-1. (Pilotonline report)
    • 30 March 2015
    • 25 March 2015
      • Tough loss for the Grizzlies, strong defense but only takes one to lose; Grizlies 0 – Hickory 1. (Pilotonline report).
    • 24 March 2015
      • After only scoring 2 goals in last two games, the Grizzlies get five goals from Chase Quinn (2), Brandon Jones (1), Jans Valdespou (1) and two goals from  Jared Benedict (2) to beat Kings Fork 5-0.
    • 19 March 2015
      • Grizzlies get back on track with a home win on a goal from Andrew Delgado (1); Grizzlies 1 – Cox 0. (Pilotonline report).
    • 18 March 2015
      • The game of missed opportunities…..Grizzlies start the regular season with a 0-0 tie at Nansemond River.
    • 13 March 2015
      • The Grizzlies start 2015 with a pre-season scrimmage 4-0 win at Tallwood on goals from Mathew Abraham (1), Seth Cummings (1), Christian Brennan (1) and Chase Quinn (1).  Two additional goals were added on a 3rd period of play by Alec Harris (1) and Kyle Staub (1).

    2013-2014 Season

    • 09 July 2014
      • Group 6A all-state team (Full team)
        • Jared Benedict, Michael Abraham and Nathan Berning
    • 26 June 2014
      • All Tidewater 2014 team (Pilotonline report)
        • First Team – Michael Abraham, Nathan Berning
        • Second Team – Frank Luster, Nick Evans
      • 19 June 2014
        • All 6A South Region Boys team (Full team)
          • First Team – Michael Abraham, Jared Benedict, Nathan Berning
          • Second Team – Frank Luster, Nick Evans
      • 19 June 2014
        • Grassfield Grizzlies finish the 2014 season as the number 3 ranked team in state of Virginia (rankings).
        • Grassfield Grizzlies  finish the 2014 season as the number 16th ranked team  in the Nation (rankings).
      • 14 June 2014
        • State semifinals…..sometimes you are just not meant to win.  With great goal keeping, three shots that hit the post  and a goal that was called back the Grizzlies just could not seem to find the net and on a 1st half goal by Washington-Lee the Grizzlies lose for the first time this season.  Ending a season that saw a team that never quit and left everything on the field.  Congratulations Grizzlies on a great season 19-1.  (Pilotonline report)
      • 10 June 2014
        • Elitesoccerreport.com ranks Grassfield Grizzlies number 2 in state of Virginia (rankings).
        • Elitesoccerreport.com ranks Grassfield Grizzlies number 13 in the Nation (rankings).
      • 6 June 2014
        • Easy is not how you would describe these Grizzlies….while once again controlling and dominating the game, the Grizzlies just could not put it in the net and found themselves down 1-0 late in the 2nd half.  But less then a minute later on a corner kick header goal by Nathan Burning  (1) the Grizzlies tie the game and head to overtime.   At end of overtime still tied 1-1  and with less then a minute left in the golden goal OT……. and….. looking like another PK shootout, the Grizzlies get another corner kick header goal by Nathan Burning  (2) to beat C.D Hylton 2-1 and win the 2014  VHSL 6A South Region Championship. (Pilotonline report)
      • 4 June 2014
        • Can you say nail-biter with high drama and impossible become possible?  Ocean Lakes round 2, complete control of the game yet nothing to show for it and then with two minutes left in the game the unthinkable happened……Ocean Lakes scores to take a 1-0.   End of season????  Not yet……more drama folks……with less then 30 seconds to go, the Grizzlies earn a corner kick and with ALL players up to take the corner, the the unlikely hero steps up and scores….the hero?  Nick Evans (1) the KEEPER.  With the score tied 1-1 after regulation, its overtime.  20 minutes of overtime and 10 minutes of golden goal overtime still tied 1-1.  PK time, pressure time…. and after all the drama and almost 3 hrs of soccer the Grizzlies on two great saves by Nick Evans and two PK goals from Michael Abraham (12), two goals from Chris Voltz (2), one goal each from Trey Porter (4), Frank Luster(8), and Andrew Delgado (5) win a hard fought game over Ocean Lakes 7-6. (Pilotonline report)
      • 2 June 2014
        • Elitesoccerreport.com ranks Grassfield Grizzlies number 3 in state of Virginia (rankings).
        • Elitesoccerreport.com ranks Grassfield Grizzlies number 14 in the Nation (rankings).
      • 1 June 2014
        • Landstown came into the Region Quarterfinals riding a winning streak that shot them from un-ranked to the  number 7 ranked  team in Virginia, and although the Grizzlies controlled most of the first hallf Landstown had a few opportunities that looked like their winning streak might continue.  But in the second half the Grizzlies showed why they are the 3rd ranked team in Virginia (VA rankings) by holding off the Landstown attack and putting the game away on goals by Weston Clark (4) and Andrew Delgado (4) to beat Landstown 2-0 and move into the Region Semifinals. (Pilotonline report)
      • 29 May 2014
        • The Grizzlies lived up to their number 1 ranking by winning the 2014 Monitor-Merrimac conference tournament (team photo). After a rain-out, and a scoreless first half the Grizzlies on a goal by Michael Abraham (10) took a 1-0 lead against Western Branch and less than 5 minutes later on a brother to brother pass (Jacob Benedict to Jared Benedict(18)) the Grizzlies took a 2-0 lead and won their 3rd consecutive Conference tournament.   (Pilotonline report)
        • The suspended Conference Final game vs Western Branch will resume today, 29 May 2014, at 5:00 PM.  The game will resume with 23:47 minutes to play in the first half and the score of 0-0
      • 27 May 2014
        • Conference finals moved to Wednesday 28 May, 2014 at 7:30 PM.
        • Elitesoccerreport.com ranks Grassfield Grizzlies number 4 in state of Virginia (rankings).
        • Elitesoccerreport.com ranks Grassfield Grizzlies number 19 in the Nation (rankings).
      • 23 May 2014
        • Conference Semifinals – Grizzlies go undefeated in regular season,  but if they lose against Bethel they are done for the season.  Jared Benedict (17) gave the Grizzlies the lead that took them way into the second half, but the Bruins tied the game at 1-1 and nearly took the lead a few moments later if not for a great save by keeper Nick Evans.  Although the Grizzlies controlled most of the game, the soccer Gods were not with them by having multiple near misses and strikes on the pipes that kept the game tied.  But with less the 30 seconds of play, the constant barrage of shots and pressure at the opponent’s end paid off as  Doah Kwiatkowski (5) recovers a rebound and scores to put the Grizzlies in the conference finals by beating Bethel 2-1.
      • 22 May 2014
        • WAVY TV reports on the Grizzlies’ 2014 season and how they are “rolling into the post season as the team to beat in Hampton Roads”. (WAVY TV report)
      • 20 May 2014
        • Elitesoccerreport.com ranks Grassfield Grizzlies number 8 in state of Virginia (rankings).
        • Elitesoccerreport.com ranks the Grizzlies number 34 in the Nation (rankings).
      • 17 May 2014
        • All-Monitor-Merrimac Conference (Pilotonline report).
          • Player of the Year—Nathan Berning, Grassfield, sr.
          • Coach of the Year—Zach Kalder, Grassfield
          • First team: Forwards—Jared Benedict; Frank Luster; Midfield—Michael Abraham,; Doah Kwiatkowski; Defense—Nathan Berning;  Goalkeeper—Nick Evans.
          • Second team: Midfield—Weston Clark; Defense—Chase Quinn.
          • Honorable Mention: JacobBenedict;  Matty Matheson
      • 14 May 2014
        • Elitesoccerreport.com ranks Grassfield Grizzlies number 13 in state of Virginia (rankings).
        • Elitesoccerreport.com ranks the Grizzlies number 47 in the Nation (rankings).
      • 13 May 2014
        • Slow start with sluggish play but came back and dominated the 2nd half and on goals by Michael Abraham (9) and Jared Benedict (16) the Grizzlies beat Kecoughtan 2-0 to stay undefeated.
      • 08 May 2014
        • Looking for 5 or 6 parent volunteers for Monday/Wednesday @5:30pm to help paint the fields for senior night.
        • Please contact coach Kalder (varsity.coach@grizzly-soccer.com) if you are available to help.
      • 07 May 2014
        • He earned it, he took it and he scored.   Frank Luster (7) put the Grizzlies ahead on a PK, the midfielders and forwards controlled the game and the defense  handed Ocean Lakes their first shutout of the season allowing them just 2 corner kicks and only 3 shots on goal…… Grassfield continues the winning streak by beating Ocean Lakes 1-0.  (Pilotonline score report)
      • 06 May 2014
        • The good, Grizzlies win another conference game on a hat trick by Jared Benedict (15) and a goal by Frank Luster (6) to beat Woodside 4-0.  The bad, did not play as a number 1 team; lacked focus, hustle and looked like a team looking ahead to Wednesday’s game against Ocean Lakes.  (Pilotonline score report)
        • The Grassfield Grizzlies are now ranked number 1 in the whole Hampton Roads region.  So come cheer the Grizzlies to more wins as they take on Woodside today at 5:00 PM and the big one tomorrow at 7:00 PM as the Grizzlies take on the number 3 ranked Ocean Lakes team; the games are free and at Grassfield High School,
      • 02 May 2014
        • Grizzlies go bakers dozen in consecutive wins on goals from Jared Benedict (12) and Cameron Shaw (4) to beat Bether 2-0 and stay undefeated both in season games and conference games.  (Pilotonline score report)
        • Getting their kicks on the high school pitch.  Several South Hampton Roads boys soccer players last year were forced to make a decision: Play for Rush or play for your high school……..Click here for full story.
      • 23 April 2014
        • The shutout streak comes to a close but the winning streak still on as the Grizzlies get a goal each from Doah Kwiatkowski (4), Weston Clark (3) and Frank Luster (5) to beat the 4th ranked Cox 3-1 for their 11th win of the season.  (Pilotonline score report)
      • 23 April 2014
      • 22 April 2014
        • Another shutout win for the Grizzlies as they win their 10th in a row on a hat trick by Nick Miller (3), two goals by Jared Benedict (11) and one goal each by Weston Clark (2), Michael Abraham (8), and Bobby Masters (1)….Grassfield 8 – Lakeland 0. (Pilotonline score report)
      • 15 April 2014
      • 11 April 2014
        • On the sixth shutout by keeper Nick Evans with two goals from Doah Kwiatkowski (3), and one goal each from Matty Matheson (2) and Chase Quinn (1) the Grizzlies win 4-0 at Indian River. (Pilotonline score report)
      • 10 April 2o14
        • The winning streak continues with a 2-0 win over Great Bridge on goals from Jared Benedict (9) and Andrew Delgado (3).  (Pilotonline score report)
      • 3 April 2014
        • Grizzlies go 2-0 in conference games with a tough win on a second half goal by Weston Clark (1), Grassfield 1 – Oscar Smith 0.  (Pilotonline score report)
      • 1 April 2014
        • Grizzlies stay undefeated with a no shots on goal Grassfield 8 – Deep Creek 0 win.  Goals from:  two by Jared Benedict (8),  one each by Jans Valdespou  (2), Alec Harris (1), Keegan Alvis (1),  Trey Porter (2), Andrew Delgado (2), and Cameron Shaw (3). (Pilotonline score report)
      • 28 March 2014
        • After a 1-0 lead on a goal by Jared Benedict (5) the Grizzlies come on in the second half and score four more times on goals from Frank Luster (4), Clint Dodson (1), Jans Valdespou (1) and Jared Benedict (6) to start the conference battle with a 5-0 win over Western Branch (Pilotonline score report)
      • 27 March 2014
        • The rivalry is alive and well, in a game that saw multiple  yellow cards, the Grizzlies held strong and on goals from Frank Luster (3), Jared Benedict (4) and Michael Abraham (7)  win 3-1 over Hickory. (Pilotonline score report)
      • 24 March 2014
        • First home game, Grizzlies started and finished strong on a hat trick by Michael Abraham (6) and one goal each by Frank Luster (2), Cameron Shaw (2), Doah Kwiatkowski (1), Jared Benedict (3), and Matty Matheson (1) for a Grassfield 8 – Nansemond River 0 shutout win.
      • 21 March 2014
        • Two wins in a row; after only a 1-0 first half lead on a goal from Frank Luster (1), the Grizzlies roll in the second half with two goals from Jared Benedict (2), and one goal each from Michael Abraham (3) and Cameron Shaw (1).  Grassfield 5 – Kings Fork 0. (pictures) (Pilotonline score report)
      • 18 March 2014
      • 12 March 2014
        • Team dinners – looking for volunteers to host team dinners the night before games.  A carb-heavy diet (like pasta) is encouraged to get our athletes ready for each big game.   You are encouraged to co-host a dinner to manage cost/clean-up, etc!  Plan to see players arriving around 6:00-6:15 PM.  We will probably plan for just one dinner a week…so please grab an available date (see below bullet/link) and we will see you soon!  Thank you so much!!
        • Team Dinner sign-up sheet.
      • 11 March 2014
        • First game of the season starts with a 4-2 win at Princess Anne with 2 goals by Michael Abraham, and 1 goal each from Brandon Jones and Andrew Delgado.
        • 10 March 2014
          • Schedule update:
            • April 29 game at Bethel start time is now 4:30 PM
            • May 6 game vs Woodside start time is now 5:00 PM
        • 5 March 2014
          • 5 March schedule – UPDATED :
            • Impact Testing Room 205 t 4:00 PM
            • Stadium Conditioning 4:35 to 5:00 PM
            • Classroom Session 5:00 to 6:00 PM
            • Parent Meeting Room 114 at 6:15 PM
        • 10 February 2014
          • Informational Tryout Meeting – There will be an informational meeting for players (and parents) who intend to tryout for the boys soccer team on Wednesday the 19th at 4:30 PM in the Forum at Grassfield HS.  All tryout players are encouraged to attend.
        • 4 February 2014
          • Physicals – School physicals are offered on February 11, 2014 at 4:00 PM in the Grassfield HS cafeteria, cost will be $20.00.   All athletes trying out must have a physical form prior to the tryouts.
        • 2 February 2014
          • Please be aware that we have added conditioning days to the February schedule, newdates are:
            • February 3, 5, 7 
            • February 10, 12, 14
            • February 18 and 20
          • There is an interest meeting for all boys interested in trying out for the soccer team Wednesday October 23rd from 4:00-4:30pm in the Forum at Grassfield.
            • Tentative Conditioning Schedule:  November 14, and 21, December 5, 12, and 19, January 6, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, 22, 24, 27, 29, and 31, February 3, 5, 7, 10, 12 and 19
            • Sessions will run from 4:15 – 5:45pm
      • 2012-2013 Season2011-2012 Season
        • 2011-2012 All Tidewater Players
          • First Team:  Max Dinsmore
          • Second Team:  Michael Abraham and Ryan Woodcock
        • 2011-2012 All Easter Region Players
          • First Team:  Michael Abraham and Max Dinsmore
          • Second Team: Nathan Burning and Ryan Woodcock
        • 2011-2012 State Quarter Finals
          • 5 June 2012 – A tale of two halfs where the Grizzlies owned the second half but good keeper and lack of luck ended the Grizzly season with a 1-0 to Albemarle (video).
        • 2011-2012 Eastern Region tournament
          • 2 June 2012 – After 11 straight wins, tough 2-0 loss in the Region final to First Colonial…time to start another win streak with first trip at State (game box score).
          • 30 May 2012 – A 1-0 nail biter win against Kempsville to send the Grizzlies to Region Finals and State (game box score).
          • 29 May 2012 – Grizzlies win 2-1 vs Maury in the 2nd OT of a game full of drama and 2 goals called back (game box score).
        • 2011-2012 Southeastern District tournament
          • 2011-2012 All-Southeastern District Players:
            • First team: Corey Cullop, Michael Abraham, Max Dinsmore, Frank Luster, Nathan Berning, Ryan Woodcock.
            • Second team: Evan McNair
            • Honorable mention:  Christian McBride, Kyle Gross
          • 2011-2012 All-Southeastern District  Coach of the Year….. Grassfield’s own Coach Robbie Gobble
          • 8 May 2012 – Great send off for the seniors on Senior Night, 9-0 win vs Deep Creek (pictures).
          • 7 May 2012 – Six wins in a row; 9-0 win at Lakeland.
          • 4 May 2012 – Another offensive night for the Grizzlies ; 4-1 win at Great Bridge (pictures)
          • 1 May 2012 – Max Dinsmore’s 10 goals puts him 4th in Group AAA Boys Soccer scoring leaders board..
          • 1 May 2012 – Grizzlies reclaim the number 1 ranking The Pilot’s top 10 ranking.
          • 27 April 2012 – Offense comes out big in a 5-1 win against Oscar Smith
          • 25 April 2012 – Varsity wins 3rd straight game with 3-0 win over Kings Fork.
          • 24 April 2012 – two OT periods but took home a 3-2 win from a very hot and number 7 ranked Hickory team.
          • 20 April 2012 – great 2-1 win against number 6 ranked Western Branch (7 wins 1 loss).
          • 10 April 2012 – Grassfield Boys move to number 1 in The Pilot’s top 10 ranking.
          • Grassfield player goes from football to futbol
          • Photo Finish